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Smarter State Government

I have developed specific proposals to increase budgetary flexibility and safeguard unprotected priorities like higher education.  In me, the citizens of this south Baton Rouge district will have a knowledgeable and passionate advocate playing a lead role in making sure that government – efficient, effective, but limited in size and scope – exists to serve the people, and not the other way around. 

Alleviate Traffic

Having played a lead role in establishing CRISIS – or, Capital Region Industry for Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions – a business-led coalition that has successfully advocated for major congestion-relief projects, I will continue to champion practical solutions until Baton Rouge commuters no longer face the frustrations of living in the third-worst congested mid-sized city in the country.

Pursuing Educational Excellence

Education is the key to moving Baton Rouge forward, and for expanding the opportunities for the young people of Louisiana’s 70th District.  I have successfully fought for policies to increase the availability of high-quality school options, and I will continue to fight at the Legislature for educational excellence on behalf of parents and students.

Economic Development

The availability of promising jobs is an issue of major concern to district residents.  As a parent of three young adult children potentially seeking their futures away from Baton Rouge, this issue particularly hits home for me.  That’s why I have helped lead the fight against attacks on pro-growth economic policies, so our kids can find promising careers right here at home.  As Representative for the 70th District, I will fight just as strongly for the economic opportunities of all its residents.

Defending Fundamental Freedoms

As a pro-life Catholic, I have growing concerns about the threats against Christian faith occurring around the country, and I will fight to make sure attacks against religious liberty have no place in Louisiana. I will be a faithful guardian of our Constitutional freedoms, especially our First and Second Amendment rights.