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Why I'm Running

A Republican with a Track Record for Getting Results 


A proven problem-solver, I will bring fresh ideas and strong leadership, driven by my passion for people and policy, to the Legislature and in the service of District 70 residents. I am not a career politician, but I believe my knowledge and experience make me the most qualified candidate for this important office. More importantly, I am called to serve by my deep love of Baton Rouge. 


The challenges, as well as tensions, at the Capitol are perhaps higher than they have been in years.  And while many citizens rightly feel frustration with gridlock, I see this moment as even more of an opportunity to step up and serve the people and place that I love -- and the district I have called home with my wife Rachel and three children for over 20 years. I'm running because I believe I can help make a difference.


Motivated by a sense of responsibility to use my deep knowledge of the issues, I hope to help break impasses, end gridlock, and move the state forward. If moving us in the right direction means finally achieving long-term structural reforms so that government actually prioritizes people, then the citizens of south Baton Rouge will have a knowledgeable and passionate advocate playing a lead role in those debates.


Sometimes it feels as though politicians down at the Capitol have forgotten that the people of Louisiana do not exist to serve the needs of government, but rather that government exists to serve the people.  If elected, I will never forget that basic truth.


Improving our infrastructure, education system and economy are just a few of the most pressing issues facing our community today. Using my experience of working within government and other private organizations, I have the fortunate opportunity to have the perspective and knowledge to solve these issues for our community. I am ready to fight for you and the future of Baton Rouge.